You want many people to support you from your community and at Maryville High School we always had support from ours. The main reason I believe is because the community service we would do to help everyone out. Some of the things we would do is food drives, raise money, and collect clothes. These are all minor things we would do but it truly helped out hundreds, and we all enjoyed doing it. I always wondered if all the other high schools did this but once I got to college I would ask around and found out most of them didn’t. Then I would ask if the community supported them much, and most of them answered not really. Which made me realize if you do small things for people it impacts them more than you can ever imagine.


All teams you will be on will have diversion. Rather it be the show off or the coach that wanted all the credit. Either way those people are eye catching and want all the light and fame. These people are usually the people that are cocky and hard to watch. When I played sports I never wanted to be that person, but I played for a coach that was exactly like this. Even though he was a coach it was hard to play for him because anything we did well was because of him in his eyes. But if you did something wrong it was never his fault. So after my senior year this coach got fired and they hired an all-around good guy that would do anything for anyone. He has coached football for our high school the past two years and has a record of thirty and zero, with two state championships. It just proves how good of a man and coach he was having all the support of the community and the players bought into the system.

Parents Help

When it comes to sports you usually are not going to win every game and that is where the healing process starts. According to who you are is how you will begin to heal. Some diehard people will take losing a lot harder than other people. I always just looked at losing as something that will make you better. Therefore I never was to upset about losing unless it was in playoffs and it was going to be your last game of the season and if you are a senior your last ever high school game in that sport. Sometimes you never heal completely, for example I still wish I could play some of my high school games again but I know I will never get a chance.
When I have a problem with losing I always talk to my parents because they always have positive information to give me. The game I needed the biggest help with was my sophomore year basketball season. We had made it all the way to the game before going to state and lost. This game was so important to me because I had dreamed of getting to play at state basketball my whole life. Mainly because my dad got to and we went to watch it every year and it was so much fun I wanted to experience it myself. So they helped me get through the tough time and said I would have another chance so I worked my butt of to get that chance but never did.
Even though I didn’t get to play at state I knew it would not be the end of the year because I got to do many things others never got the chance to do. For example, getting to win a state championship in football for your school and your community, it was awarding because everyone was supporting you. So even though I didn’t get to make it to state in basketball I still went and watched and enjoyed it.


I have never been to Hollywood but I have a pretty good idea how I would imagine it. I see a place where all the famous people go and where everything is perfect. Everybody dressed up looking their finest. Gold stars in the ground everywhere with people taking many photos of everybody and everything. Just a place where people are in heaven and don’t want to leave the place ever.
Well, to me, that does not sound like what I would consider Hollywood or a place I do not want to leave. I have been many places in my life but the ones I remember most are the ones with family. Whether it is with my immediate family or my sports family, on long bus trips with the team stopping at the biggest buffets there are to feed all these hungry teenage boys with their mediocre food, or just sitting in the locker room before or after practice or a game just reminiscing about all the good times we have had and the many more to come. Usually it consisted of talking about girls or something that had happened in school that day, but we tried to not talk about the sport we were in. I think we didn’t like to talk about it because sometimes when you practice every day for something you get tired of it and want to talk about something else.
Next, when you are with your own immediate family there is nothing better. Whether it is on a vacation or just sitting around a fire talking, it really is the greatest time of my life. I am sure it is not like this for everybody else but for me there is nothing greater. My family is defiantly a weird family which makes it unique, each one of us loves one another so much. It is great when we are all together because we can make a lot of fun from any situation. We are just a happy-go-lucky family and I love them so much. That is why they are like my “Hollywood” because I never want to leave them.

All Time Favorite

When I think of classics I think of my all-time favorite movie the Hosiers. This is about a small town Indiana basketball team who wins the state championship. It is a true classic it is a real small team, I believe there were seven total players the first day of practice. They hired a new coach and he was being a hard-ass the first day and two of the main players quit. They were down to five, or how they would explain it, four and a half. A couple days later one of the guys who quit came back apologized and got to be on the team again. There was a star player that did not go out that could help them go all the way, but he just did not want to play.
They have a rough start but they start to get things together and begin working as a team and the town for some reason doesn’t like how he is coaching so they try to get him fired. They have a town meeting and the all-star boy came up to the court house and said if the coach stays he will play if the coach goes he never will. So the town decides to keep the coach so the all-star could play. They make a deep run into the playoffs, made it to state, and won it all.

This story has always been my favorite and even since I was a little kid I wanted to go to state to play basketball. It was my sophomore year and we had had an amazing season. We were at the game before state. It was against Hogan Prep and we had been down the entire game, but with two minutes left we tied it up and took the lead. Within the final seconds they had made the last bucket and took the lead. It was a heart breaker to me because I had worked my whole life to get a chance to play at state. Although we didn’t make it life goes on and I could not complain because we had an amazing year and it was a blast.

Locker Room Talk

sPrivacy is something very important when it comes to sports. Rather it is keeping your plays to yourself or just keeping the team’s secrets to yourself. One thing we always preached is that whatever happens on our team stays on our team. Therefore, you become so close to all of your teammates and coaches. You find out things you would have never expected out of some kids, you also get to help one another through hard times. It feels so good when one of your teammates comes up to talk to you and you can help them. It really proves how close and supportive your team is.

One Less Hand

imagesCAQ45UVXLife, in general, is a challenge usually there are no easy ways through it. If there is something will probably challenge you sometime along that path. I would say one of my biggest challenges in sports was when I broke my arm my junior year of high school. Mainly because I had just came off a good sophomore year and I was supposed to be one of the team leaders. It was one of the first games of the season I caught a pass and used my hand to try and catch my fall and that broke it. I was not supposed to play for at least five to six weeks according to the doctor.
We all know when we are young we only care about playing, therefore I told the doctor I would do anything to play. He decided to give me a hard cast because we couldn’t play with hard ones according to the Missouri rules. So I sat out the game after it had happened and went back to playing the game after that. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t use that hand at all so I was pretty much playing with one arm. It was a huge challenge because there were many times if I would have had that extra arm I could’ve made the play. But with the support of my teammates and coaches I made it through and it was a good but challenging year.

Fly Over State

This is a song that means something to me because it is a good example of how I grew up. I am not a farmer, nor was I raised on a farm, but I am surrounded by family members and friends that are big farmers. Most of the farmers I know are just all around hard working individuals that would do anything for anybody. When I go into the city or here other kids from the city talk about my town it usually makes me upset and angry. One, because they have no idea how it all works and two, because they think all farmers are “dumb red necks.” They usually have family members that probably had office jobs that make a lot of money. Not that I am saying anything is wrong with that, I just wish people would respect towns like mine, where individuals work their asses off making a living for everyone else.


Fame is a word with unlimited meanings. Each person has their own definition of what their fame would be. A lot of people’s fame, when it comes to athletics, would be doing something amazing in front of a full stadium; a good example of this would be getting a touchdown, interception, or a sack in the state football game. All those things are great to be remembered by and have that moment in fame, but I want to be remembered differently.
My moments in fame that I want to be remembered by are as the kid who always had fun. This might sound cheesy, and all, but I do not care about being the best or doing something amazing. I just want people to remember me always enjoying the game and helping others have fun while doing the game they love. So often in sports we get so tied up in who is the greatest when we need to worry more about if it is enjoyable to watch and play.

Strong as Your Weakest Link

No matter what sport it is or what team you’re on there will always be kids that don’t get the appreciation they disserve. For example, it is usually the hardest working, nonathletic kid. These kids are usually not the stand outs and a lot of the time they don’t even start.
In football, the kids that usually did not get any recognition were the line men. These kids work so hard so that everyone else can have the fame. In basketball, it usually is the scout team that works hard in practice so that their team will be ready for the game. Each sport is different, but all good teams have the underappreciated kid that doesn’t care about the praise he truly disserves. Instead, he worries about the team. Therefore, with teams that have these hard-working individuals are usually the most successful ones.